About Pharmocracy, a Connected Market Space platform, was developed by E-Health online, a division of CMAEON™.  CMAEON™ is the parent company of a host of world-class subsidiaries and brands that apply technological and strategic expertise to assist clients in a broad variety of market sectors. Through enhanced connectivity, CMAEON™ helps businesses generate more earnings for less cost.
CMAEON™ has been developing and implementing visionary Connected Market Space and business solutions for over a decade utilizing their extensive experience with connectivity technologies. We create robust networks that support ongoing conversations between companies, suppliers, customers and markets as goods and services are purchased and delivered. This dialogue keeps products and services moving, and businesses "in the know" so they can stay at the leading edge of their markets.
E-Health Online is dedicated to benefiting patients, health care providers, insurers and health care stakeholders by using advanced technology and marketing strategies to provide solutions that improve the efficiency, effectiveness and reach of health delivery systems and organizations ultimately helping patients in need.
We provide workable solutions for today, and imaginative thinking for the future.

Our Company

With head offices in Victoria, BC, CMAEON™ developers, strategists and health industry professionals have developed a suite of solutions that put advanced but easy-to-use technology to work for health care organizations all across North America.

Our Background

E-Health Online was established in 2003 by CMAEON™ to formalize our longstanding commitment (since 1999) to the e-Health sector. We have done groundbreaking work in e-Health as a developer of technology platforms and business and marketing strategies – building out the Connected Market Space for Health.

The founder of CMAEON™ and E-Health Online is Tim Vasko, a recognized expert in the field of e-Health and the visionary behind In addition to leading CMAEON™ and E-Health Online, Mr. Vasko has been a professor at the graduate level in the fields of Business and Technology Strategy, International Business Operations and Global Finance. He was the first Entrepreneur in Residence in the Faculty of Business at UVIC and a founding member of the Entrepreneurship division. In addition, Mr. Vasko has been a professor in the International MBA program at Royal Roads University. He has worked as a consultant to major corporations and has been a CEO in the printing, direct mail, electronics and securities industries.